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HR Human Resource Management Services in Dayton,Ohio by Essex and Associates

Essex and Associates offers HR Services in Dayton,Ohio and the Miami Valley for businesses of all sizes.

What is HR ?

Human Resource Management  ( or simply HR ) is the management of an organization's human resources.

The side of our building is signed ESSEX HR.

Of all the things that we perform and manage for our business owners, human resource management is the most critical.

Human Resource management is critical for the success of any enterprise no matter how large or small.

It is critical that any organization, whether profit or non profit, have the right personnel in place.

We not only help with the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, but we will also oversee organizational
leadership and culture, and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws.

Compliance with the various labor laws and the appropriate government filings associated with employees can be overwhelming for a small to a medium size organization.

Government filings are required from the start date of a new employee to their final work day, plus all the quarterly and yearly filings.

It is such a difficult and complicated thing to stay on top of all the various filing requirements.

Most medium to small size companies outsource these particular human resource functions.

It is so much more cost effective and less stressful to engage a professional human resource company.

In conjunction with all the mandatory filings, the training associated with human resource management can be quite daunting.

Training requirements include a number of areas depending on the particular industry.

Some of the necessary training is; sexual harassment, diversity, safety, security and a host of other workplace issues.

Not having your staff properly trained opens your company up to litigation.

Litigation may happen anyway but at least if your employees are properly trained and you have been proactive in these areas you may be able to minimize your damages.

Your associates are human capital and they add much to the value of your company.

An organization with a well trained workforce is a valuable asset and contributes to a greater selling price of the organization.

Currently, there are discussions in accounting circles,
about how to properly record the asset of human capital on the balance sheet.

Unfortunately in small or start up companies HR's duties may be performed by a handful of non HR personnel.

Non trained HR personnel many times mean well but can do more
damage than the positives they add.

Our organization not only can manage all aspects of human resource management, but we are efficiency experts.

We can share ways of reducing your employee costs at the same
time raising productivity.

Our firm also has much experience working in the union environment.

The union environment has its own set of challenges but can be met with the appropriate employee pay and benefit solutions combined with other employee reward tactics.

Our human resource philosophy is not to be the " bully on the block " rather we help engage strategies where employees are celebrated and rewarded.

A highly motivated workforce can greatly influence the sustainability of any organization.

In practice, our HR firm is responsible, to you, for the employee experience during the entire employment lifecycle.

We first help you by attracting the right employees.

We then must you select the right employees through the recruitment process.

HR then onboards new hires and oversees their training and development during their tenure with the organization.

Our HR assesses talent through use of performance appraisals and then rewards them accordingly.

In fulfillment of the latter, Our HR firm administers payroll and employee

We not only help you at the micro level, we are involved at the macro-level, our HR firm will help you oversee organizational leadership and culture.

Our HR firm also ensures compliance with employment and labor laws, which differ by geography, and we oversee health, safety, and security.

One of the most important things you can do for your company’s long term viability is to engage human resource professionals.

Isn't it time you considerd outsourcing your HR needs?

Give Essex and Associates. a call today to find out how easy human resource management services in Dayton,Ohio  can be.